How to Direct Your Own Movie

If you are a student of arts, acting, and filming, then you probably have considered directing your own movie. Movies are fun to watch but behind the scenes are tireless production staff, director, and actors. There so much more to mention about directing. It’s not an easy task. If your passion is with directing, don’t let the pigs fly thinking hinder you from doing what you always dreamed to do.

Start with a Script You Approve

You’ll need the help of a scriptwriter to write for you. You cannot be the scriptwriter and be the director all at the same time. It is possible if you have previously written scripts but if you have no script writing experience it’s best to seek help. Make sure that before deciding to film, you have understood everything: the message, the plot, the characters and their struggles.

Create a Story Board

A good director is organized. He knows what angle should be taken for each scene. He knows when to move the camera into different directions. He got everything figured out. It’s standard to create a storyboard prior to any shooting.

Your Finances

It’s a sad fact that we all need to face, finances matters in filmmaking. It is a question of whether you have all the resources you need to make this movie. Unfortunately, many independent filmmakers made this mistake of not evaluating their finances first. Most of the time, the films were unfinished or had major setbacks.

Set Your Location, Props, Materials

Planning your location, props, and materials helps in evaluating your financial situation. You could also consider taking off some budget on some minor things. For example, the setting is in a bedroom hotel, instead of shooting the scene at a bedroom hotel, you can design your own room to look like one.

Find the Perfect Cast

Your actors and actresses will be the major asset of the movie. Make sure that they have experience in acting. We have seen so many films where the acting is unnatural, and that’s quite disappointing for the viewers.